Subscribers club “RUNNERS’S WORLD Laufhelden”

Case study

"RUNNER'S WORLD Laufhelden" is the new subscriber club of RUNNER'S WORLD, the largest Runner magazine in the world. All 24.000 RUNNER'S WORLD-subscribers become automatically club members at no additional cost. A total of 6,100 subscribers registered online during the first six months and are therefore active running heroes of the online platform.

The Concept

Ongoing benefits instead of a single award: With the April 2013 edition Germany's leading running magazine RUNNER'S WORLD launched their new subscription club "Laufhelden". All subscribers became automatically free members of the club. Instead of a one-time subscription award, members receive over the entire term of their subscription attractive benefits and services regarding their "Community of Interest". For example:

  • Free starting places
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Exclusive Sweepstakes
  • Exclusive content
  • Training Plans
  • Partners terms

Access to these benefits is granted through the club card containing an individual membership number. With this number and after a successful registration, members can login to the private Laufhelden-Club area online at

The “Laufhelden” membership including all benefits, is a free of charge service that comes with the subscription. Its price will not change. With the RUNNER'S WORLD "community of interest", following objectives were achieved:

  • Sustainable binding of subscribers
  • Creating incentives for new subscribers
  • Renunciation of cost-intensive subscription awards

The Implementation

The potential to make multi-media solutions for RUNNER'S WORLD and its subscribers usable and to integrate them wisely into the strategy and communication, was realized with the support of online specialists from Munich.

The team of Catenate GmbH has worked closely with the editorial team to work out the design, functionality and usability of the platform.

Here RUNNER'S WORLD benefited from a web-based standard solution of Catenate GmbH: The "Community of Interest tool" is geared to online-subscription-club solutions of various target groups such as Fashion, Family, Living, Food, Economy, Financial or sports.

The Catenate GmbH perceives itself as partner for innovative solutions in web-based IT environments with a profound understanding of customers and pronounced solution-orientation in all areas.

Within a few weeks, the online platform was implemented on the basis of the standard tool and provides the subscribers as well as the editors with a variety of functionalities.

Heart of the development is an automated interface to the DPV (German Press Distribution), to allow the registration of current subscribers easily.

Within the first six months already 25% of all 24,000 online subscribers registered themselves and are now part of the new Laufhelden subscription club.


for the Rodale-Motor-Presse et al.:

  • Sustainable positive impact on the subscription durability
  • Innovative new sales leads
  • Eliminating cost-intensive subscription awards
  • Greater range, et al. through the viral social media effects