Team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei

Active: the community for 100% endurance sports

Case study

ERDINGER Weißbräu combines tradition and innovation to a successful concept, that took the private brewery with anannual performance outputof 1.75 million hectoliters to the top of the national and international wheat beer market.

Meanwhile, the classic Bavarian white beer is exported to over 80 countries around the globe. The customer loyalty to the brand is a particular concern of brewery-owner Werner Brombach. He founded one of the first fan clubs on the beer market, which counts over 79,000 members including many prominent honorary members.

Business needs

By partnering with CatenateCreativity, ERDINGERWeißbräu fully relies since 12years on the total range ofthe full-service offers of theseinternet specialists.Conception, technology consulting, design, development, IT project management, 3rd level support and hosting are the core competencies of Catenate.

The wide online offer of the private brewery ranges from CM systems to document management and e-commerce systems to online communities and marketing activities such as raffles and microsites. Furthermore developments in the mobile market are covered by services of Catenate GmbH.

The selective use of experienced specialists in the fields of project management, interface design, user experience design, web development and hosting gives ERDINGER Weißbräu the opportunity to offer all online activities in top quality for their target group. Best practices and latest technologies lead to sustainable solutions, which quickly carry themselves.

In addition to in-house developments Catenate also relies on unlicensed products. With the launch of the product “ERDINGER Alkoholfrei”, the company faced the challenge to address a completely new target group.

The private brewery will be using event promotion and online activities.


With help of the internet specialists Catenate Creativity ERDINGER Weißbräu founded in 2006 an online community for endurance athletes.

Since then, everyone whose passion is the endurance sports can become a member of the team Erdinger alcohol free. True to the motto: „Being actively involved is more“ ambitious athletes of all skill levels and disciplines gather in the sports community.

Both professional and ambitious amateur or amateur athletes - Team Erdinger alcohol free links all who enjoy the sport. The Catenate Creativity developed an online platform, which hosts all the activities and communication with members.


for ERDINGER Weißbräu: the cooperation of ERDINGER Weißbräu with Catenate Creativity has many benefits for the private brewery.

All IT requests, online projects and marketing activities are managed, implemented and maintained by the Internet specialists. The long-standing partnership also means, that the target groups can be handled online, without claiming internal marketing resources of the daily business.

ERDINGER Weißbräu has now constantly around 400.000 monthly visitors on its website and has shifted its communication with the different target groups more and more to the internet.