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Catenate's Creativity Unit: whatever online trend drives your consumer we know how to bring it to you.

The creativity unit called cwerk has been operating within the Catenate Group for more than 10 years. They know what the art of digital marketing is.

We have always been ahead of the game and have used stylish design and innovative technologies earlier than others.

We boast a good mix of skilled designers, technological geeks, and analytical project managers.

This is why traditional enterprises, Internet start-ups and innovative social media platforms turn to us to get their creative end user experience launched.

Please visit our corporate website for more information and references.

Some of our reference clients are:

  • Erdinger Weissbraeu
  • Scholl Footcare & Footwear
  • Durex

Digital Branding: Design & Usability

The workflow

The first step in our projects always is a always to meet our customers in person. Tell us about your product and your market.

You will be amazed to see we understand you and your ideas.
The result is our design template: stylish but basic.

Nothing more than what is necessary in order to WOW-effect your customers.

The launch

Our innovative messages are transported through the online "experience" which we create and can be spread all over the web, in social community platforms, online shops, or branded sites.

The follow-up

After the launch we support your communication and PR department by transporting the online message via intelligent newsletters which also analyse the recipients, reaction and follow-up activities.

Portals and websites

There is only one chance to make a first impression. Usually today, the first impression a company makes on potential customers takes place online.

All your potential customers first opinion on your product quality, service competency and company professionalism is formed when they access your corporate site.
Is the design interesting and appealing? Is the usability intelligent? Is the programming professional? Does the site perform well?

We transform your company philosophy into a visual message that makes the right impression from the start.
Regardless of OS, browser or bandwidth.

Our knowhow was used in the past to build up large corporate portals, fascinating online worlds and intelligent eCommerce solutions.

Therefore, we have gifted designers, skilled developers and enthusiastic project managers to provide the utmost user experience in the long-term.

Mobile marketing

Our current portfolio includes development of mobile marketing applications, native or web/html5 based. We develop across platforms and OS and complement other campaign activities with mobile tools.

From scalable landing pages to Content Management Systems, we also develop and design mobile optimized websites and applications.

To round up our mobile service portfolios, we offer geo-based marketing activities for media location analysis and optimization.

Social communities

For both established brands (e.g. ERDINGER Weißbräu) and content deliverers (e.g. large publishing houses such as Motorpresse Verlag) we have successfully set up social communities.

We know how to combine offline and online content leading to a stable subscription base and in the same time increasing offline sales.

Thanks to our experience, we have developed many tools designed to build the communities, activate users, and achieve stable digital growth.

Thereby, our social marketing expert team use methods and implement measures designed to complement and enhance the more rational aspects of advertising campaigns. This is the reason why young VC funded startup companies also turn to us to bring their community ideas to live.


We know what the online consumers' shopping habits and behaviour are and what attracts them most. Our e-Commerce platforms are visited by millions of consumer every month.

As an independent sales channel, they contribute significantly to our clients revenues.

Cwerk creates a unique, inspiring and easy shopping experience for the end consumer. And this is exactly what consumers want.
From a technological point of view, we focus on scalable open source shopping/eCommerce technologies.

In the back end, we host a lot of these online stores ourselves to ensure a 24/7 performance and a positive consumer experience.

Technology & Operations

The technological basis of our solutions are customer-specific, scalable and robust components such as Content Management Systems, e-Commerce, CRM and analytical tools.

Over the last years, we have been building up robust frameworks based on open source state-of-the-art technologies.

We focus on standard web technologies (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL), for CMS we preferably use Joomla and Typo3.

Our mobile applications use the Catenate Technology framework, which ensures that these applications run on all platforms, be it native or web based. This guarantees continuous improvement and innovation of the technologies used.

For all operational tasks, such as application management (i.e. performance monitoring, update management, service desk) and hosting,

we rely on the expertise of the Catenate Technology Unit. They have a long track record in providing robust, scalable hosting technologies. Our internal partner ensures smooth 24/7 operations. Our clients can choose from a modular service offer: from infrastructure, maintenance to recovery and security. Together with you we develop an individual operations concept, tailored to your specific requirements.

Online Performance - We measure your success

We supervise, analyse and optimize the user interactions on our clients platforms on a 24/7 basis.

This enables our clients to gain new insights and realize optimization potential across all online media channels. For the analysis, we work with technology partners, such as Google. To realize the maximum ROI using the perfect online mix. That is the ultimate objective of cwerk.

We combine all performance marketing disciplines towards one common objective: the success of our clients. Be it search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), customer profitability campaigns, or affiliate marketing: we design and realise key performance indicators for every individual discipline.

Many companies have already benefited from our expertise...

Our dedication is appreciated by many clients. Some internationally well-known ones are:

Our teams of professionals make the difference

Please find below the typical professional profiles from Catenate's Creativity Business Unit


Skills: Catenate's creativity project managers are experienced in understanding the needs of our clients and have a deep understanding of digital technologies.

They help with business processes in realizing projects with newest technologies on time and in budget.

In addition, they are skilled in managing their team, stakeholders as well as client relationships.

Experience: 8+ years.


Skills: Catenate's senior developers are skilled and experienced in evaluating appropriate technology platforms.

Whilst following web standards, they also innovate with technological trends.

Analytical skills and the ability to develop solutions independently and based on clear goals (on time & on budget) are their core strengths.

Imparting their knowledge in PHP, Javascript, jQuery, SQL etc. to Junior Developers is part of their team spirit.

Experience: 5+ years.


Skills: Catenate designers often come from a design school: They are good at designing simple, clear and impressive interfaces with an eye for pixel details.

They are experts in front-end development in HTML5 and CSS and have a good knowledge on JS frameworks to work in harmony and side by side with the development team.

Experience: 5+ years.

Professional qualifications: strong understanding for technical requirements.

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