The goal of any integration solution is to transform the IT organization into a service provider of one's business.

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Catenate Integration: Integrating Processes, Systems and Enterprise

Starting from the late nineties, we have been building our expertise in the enterprise application integration area (EAI).

Since then we have focused on the vision and technology coming from vendors like TIBCO Software Inc.

We have seen the birth and the evolution of most of the current IT paradigms, such as Business Process Management, Complex Event Processing, Service Process Management, Complex Event Processing, Service Oriented Architecture and Master Data Management.

We have always been a major partner to TIBCO Software in speeding up this development and the first ones to take full advantage of proposed solutions for those paradigms.

Today we are proud to boast a long history in providing our customers with consulting services, with an outstanding ability to realize so called Two-Second Advantage solutions.

Our strong technology know how, along with several years of experience and successful projects accomplished, represent a valuable opportunity for our customers, which we are capable to tailor to their specific needs.

In 2009 we started to build up development centers in Rome and Sofia, aiming at offering optimal sourcing possibilities for our customers.

The goal of any integration solution is to transform the IT organization into a service provider of one's business.

Therefore we are not only able to deliver the final solution within the full project lifecycle, but we can also consult and train our customers to be successful.

A solution provides value to the enterprise.

A solution provides the means to satisfy business requirements and to add value to the enterprise.
We boast strong expertise in the following areas:


We have supported several large companies in the definition and implementation of their business processes.

After examining each case, our choice was to employ the entire suite of Tibco BPM solution:

  • Tibco Active Matrix BPM
  • Tibco iProcess
  • Tibco Business Works Collaborator

Complex event processing

Aggregating information from distributed systems can successfully help customer to identify and act upon meaningful patterns.

We have successfully helped our customers to better place and utilize the Tibco Business Events suite in the following areas:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Content Based Routing
  • Predictive analysis

Master data management

Nowadays, organizations are being challenged with an explosion of data and therefore with digital consumers' demands.

Data governance programs provide enterprises with clean, accessible and insightful data in the proper context through consistent business processes.

We have successfully implemented solutions with Tibco Collaborative Information Manager on the customer side.


It is today well recognized that SOA can help businesses to respond more quickly and more cost-effectively to changing market conditions.

The Tibco Active Matrix suite covers all the akin aspects of such an architecture, from Governance, Service Life Cycle Management, Development, Deployment, Monitoring and Operations Management.

Order fulfillment

Tibco rules, catalogue and process-based Fulfillment solutions help service providers to speed up deliveries, get things working on a first place and to bring new products faster to the market.

Catenate is one the few companies with a solid experience in this area, also boasting a primacy of successful development and operations.

Consulting & technology services

Most of our team members are Tibco Certified Professionals.

We offer on-site or shore-based support services, close to our centres in Rome (Italy) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

We currently provide our customers with the following services:

  • 3rd Level Operational Support for a major Swiss Telco
  • Configuration and Deployment for a major German Telco
  • Test Management for a major Swiss Telco for the integration, assembly and performance test
  • Fix Price Development for a major Swiss Telco

The offering spans all aspects and phases of the lifecycle, from the definition of a need and the business requirements, to the roll out into a productive environment:

  • Business Requirement Definition
  • Business and IT Impact Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Development
  • Testing, the whole chain from unit to integration, component, system, performance and acceptance
  • Roll Out and Release Management
  • Operations

Well from our expertise...

Our dedication is appreciated by many clients. Some of the internationally well known are:

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Our teams of professionals make the difference


Skills: excellent product and TIBCO software knowledge, excellent communication skills, team management and coordination, definition of roles, time sheet management, checking KPI progress and customer satisfaction, cultivates customer relations, drives sales process from business opportunity to contract.

Experience: 8+ years.

Professional qualifications: PM certification, TIBCO software certification.


Skills: excellent product and TIBCO software knowledge and/or TIBCO software certification, TIBCO architecture knowledge, ability to install, support and fix TIBCO software, positive attitude to team work, autonomous work attitude, flexibility, willing to travel.

Experience: 5+ years.


Skills: basic IT knowledge, hard-working attitude, curiosity, willing to keep updated with the latest TIBCO products , willing to travel, ability to develop new projects using TIBCO products.

Experience: 2+ years.

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