Leave your critical processes to our customized solutions

Catenate Solutions: Use our proven methodologies, tools and customized solutions 'off the shelf'.

The Catenate Group has conducted projects with some of the most demanding and innovative clients in their respective industry.

We leverage on our solid experience with a large number of clients when dealing with similar problems: Catenate Solutions provide consulting & solution design services to help you through the entire lifecycle of a project.

Catenate Solutions are proven, standardized methods and tools that we adapt to meet the specific client environment.

Catenate Solutions blend with our clients’ processes into a long lasting symbiotic relationship.

For your employees, our solutions will become a daily work tool.

Leave your critical process to our solutions.

Concentrate on making business.

We have a specific focus on the following business processes:

  • Intellectual Property,
    Licensing & Royalties
  • Marketing Activities &
    Portfolio Planning
  • Field Sales Management
  • Market Research Services

Here we offer standard solutions, state-of-the-art products and services.

Use our experience also to implement your ideas - lots of start-ups have used our experience to bring ideas to life!!

Analyse Processes & Define Solution Blueprint


Process analysis

Our clients usually turn to us when they want to optimize their processes, taking advantage of Catenate Solutions.

We analyze your processes and offer benchmarks. You decide where to start from and how far you want to go.



In the next step we define the to-be processes with you to enhance operational efficiency.

As a result, we know exactly in which processes you will setup our solutions.



Once you have decided to implement our solutions, you will benefit from expert advice and leadership:

  • update from best practices and proven methodologies
  • to design and manage project implementation.

We will also steer you through the various release cycles.



After analysing your requirements we plan the rollout of our solution within your company. This includes the release planning process.



Not every start with a new solution is easy for everybody.

We help managers and employees understand and adapt to the new demands of solutions and organizational change initiatives.

Catenate Solution Architecture Planning

We help you setting up an ideal architecture that supports integration of our solution into your business process and IT architecture.

Solution Integration & Interfacing

We will ensure an optimal interface into your System landscape. Typically, together with your IT department we will consolidate, align, and document interfaces to Catenate Solutions.

Right Shoring Solution Development

If development is required in order to use Catenate Solutions, we will offer a Right Shoring alternative through our development labs in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Use our Right Shoring model to optimise your resources.

Solution Customization and Release Management

This option covers all delivery aspects and phases of the solutions lifecycle, such as Solution Design, Customization, Development, and Testing (i.e. from unit to integration testing; load, performance and end-user acceptance tests).

Roll Out and Deployment Management

Securing a smooth production start and initiating a stable operation process.

Operate Solutions & Life Cycle Management

Hosting Services from Catenate Partners

Get access to a network of partners that offer expert-level hosting services delivered around-the-clock and around the globe (we use own data centers or partner with cloud providers such as Amazon).

Master Data Management Services

We often use data provided by other applications or central databases (such as SAP CRM). We consolidate and centrally manage this product information and customer data with sophisticated Master Data Management (i.e. on TIBCO basis).

Business Intelligence Services

You can generate new data insight with the help of BI services that we setup with your IT department. Our data analysts monitor the data quality, provide timely feedback to business and provide management KPI dashboards. We interface standard BI tools (esp. SAP BI) and also offer stand-alone BI solutions (open source and cloud).

Solution Optimization

Analyse and improve your solution after Go Live. Suggest upgrades to improve your business.

End User Support & Helpdesk

Willing to provide the end or key users with the support they need? Use our experience in building up an intelligent support structure.

Training, Organization, Development and Change

Get your people to use your solution. Now and fast.

Application Support & Monitoring

Get the 24/7, level-one, -two and -three support you need to optimize the performance of your solution.

Quality and Risk Management

Set and monitor quality standards. Manage risks in a coordinated, efficient process that gives early warning signs of possible trouble ahead.

Performance Optimization

Assess your current strategy and infrastructure -and plan a solution that delivers integrated and reliable data to your business users.

Selected Catenate solutions


MASIS provides a standard platform to manage marketing & sales activities within the company. It starts where most CRM ERP applications end.

See for more information and references


The LicenceIT.Manager supports especially media companies through the full licence management process - from license acquisition, rights management, sub-licencing in various channels up to the licence billing processes.

See for more information and references.

Our teams of professionals make the difference

Please find below the typical professional profiles of our Catenate Solutions Business Unit.


Skills: Catenate Solutions Project Managers help with business process and technical architecture redesign. They design and architect applications that also integrate with ERP systems such as SAP (by reviewing / approving UI design, ETL logic flows, data modeling, data architecture implementation, etc.)
They are highly experienced in creating use cases, functional requirement papers, and identifying system interdependencies.

Experience: 8+ years.

Customer support

Skills: Catenate Solutions build world class tools that are used by thousands of users. Catenate Solutions Customer Support Specialists therefore interact with customers to provide and process information in response to inquiries, concerns and requests about products and services. They deal directly with customers either by telephone, electronically or face to face. They respond promptly to customer inquiries and handle and resolve customer complaints.

Experience: 2+ years.

Professional qualifications: interest for and understanding challenges of IT solutions, education in a technical discipline at a technical university, polytechnic school or equivalent.

Product owner

Skills: The Catenate Product Owner is the member of the agile development team and is the person responsible for both defining and prioritizing the Catenate Solution. Therefore, the product owner plays has a significant role in defining the solution quality. The Product Owner has authority for the full product definition and investment calculation, and also reports directly to the Business Unit manager.

Experience: 5+ years.

Professional qualifications: degree in business or equivalent, at least 2 years experience in IT project management.

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