Vodafone Global Integration Gateway (GIG)

Case study

Vodafone Global Integration Gateway (GIG) is an intelligent router allowing flexible integration of Partners and Vodafone Operational companies at a central point. The gateway is built respecting the SOA principles with very high performance demand for more than 10 000 transactions per second.

Currently GIG integrates more than 100 systems.The target architecture of Vodafone Global is to rely on cloud compatible software implementations in order to enable geo-resilient services.

Global Integration Gateway uses IBM DataPower Integration appliance as a front end layer and transport mediator which, despite the great features it has, is not cloud compatible. That is the reason why RedHat JBoss Fuse has been chosen to replace IBM DataPower.

Business need

To migrate more than 70 front end flows implementing authentication, authorization, header enrichment, protocol bridging, throttling and custom logic from IBM DataPower to JBoss Fuse. The migration needed to be transparent to the service consumers and downstream layers.


Analyse and migrate each DataPower flow. Perform extensive integration regression tests as well as performance and stability tests of the newly implemented flows with JBoss Fuse. Prepare a cutover strategy ensuring transparency for the service consumers.

Manage the entire project end to end coordinating Development, Test, Operations, and Security teams. Being a point of contact for the software vendor Red Hat.


  • Cost saving - reducing operational cost.
  • Productivity - reaching higher performance limits.
  • Cloud compatibility - JBoss Fuse is easily deployable and scalable in cloud environments.
  • Independency of the hardware and OS - while IBM DataPower is an appliance that bundles specific software and hardware altogether, JBoss Fuse could be deployed on various hardware and OS.
  • Improvement of the development, testing and deployment processes - IBM DataPower offers only a web based console for development hosted on the appliance itself. With RedHat Fuse development is much easier using Fuse IDE - a standard Eclipse based IDE. Deployment and Unit testing have been also improved with Maven.