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Catenate Technology: Design, Deliver, Operate leading edge technology

Catenate boasts a wide and proven expertise in building enterprise compliant, standard-based, high-quality software.

Our services are shaped in order to deliver high-quality solutions in a pragmatic, agile and cost-effective way.

We are able to merge business and non-functional requirements into a solution which respects enterprise and community patterns and limitation while staying still operational.

We take over responsibilities during the whole lifecycle of an application: from design, during delivery to the end hosting and operations.

Catenate has been building mobile solutions since 2006.
We know how to handle offline scenarios, how to cope with bandwidth limitation and how to treat data in a secure way.

Building a technology-based solution can be a difficult path. Catenate is aware of that and is supporting our clients to mitigate the risk at an early stage.

Catenate is aware of that and we support our clients to mitigate the risk at an early stage. We offer fast feasibilities studies and Proof of Concepts in order to select the right technology stack and architecture.

In the following chapters, you will find more details on how Catenate designs, delivers and operates solutions.

Bringing down the ideas and requirements into a well-designed and runnable solution can be a challenge.

As everybody has probably experienced, guiding an IT project can be complex and its management requires more than merely going through checklists.

One of Catenate's core competencies is the successful implementation of IT projects. We know what to do to make a successful project. No matter if the delivery is within Catenate or done by another partner.

We will guide the business idea to a successful implementation. In order to do so, Catenate performs the following services during the whole design phase:

Business assessment

Having an idea, which will improve business, is the initial spark, but turning the idea into a solution can be quite challenging.

In order to realize the idea and to shape the solution, Catenate will assess the processes and will support the business through the discussion of the right questions and to define a proper To-Be vision including functional and non-functional requirements.

Furthermore, thanks to our long-lasting expertise in the process areas Procurement, Sourcing, Sales and Marketing, at Catenate we are able to identify new requirements together with the clients.

With this combination of business expertise and technology skills, we are able to immediately evaluate business requirements against technological feasibility and to estimate effort at a very early stage.

Architectural assessment

What is the best, right sized architecture for your idea, which will fit nicely into your existing infrastructure and can be still operated?

Such a question is the core of our architectural assessment service.

Catenate can challenge existing architecture and will also design best-fit architecture having such questions in mind.

Project Management

Every IT project is special. Full stop. Different actors, languages, expectations, assumptions and limitations have to be consolidated and aligned in order to identify a feasible and most promising project approach.

We see Project Management as a very important and active contribution to every project success, not as a passive checklist task. Our approaches are influenced by the different project approaches - like XP, Scrum, Kanban - which we are using in a pragmatic, not in a dogmatic way.

Test management

Easy solutions are already available. The challenge these days is, to establish more complex solutions into business successfully. To ensure the correctness of higher degree of complexity is not easy and requires expertise and experience.

Catenate developed testing approaches which cover the complete bandwidth of testing. From developing a test strategy, designing test plans, arranging test session, analyzing test results and conducting automatic, endurance and load testing: Catenate will do it!

Performance assessments

One of the most problematic and most monitored success factors of a solution is theperformance. Without performance, no acceptance is possible. As easy as it sounds.

But how to improve the performance of existing and productive applications?
How to identify bottlenecks?
How to improve performance smoothly without redesigning the application?

The Catenate team will answer all these questions

Release and Quality management

Especially in agile driven projects and in projects with a lot of external dependencies on systems, processes or organizations, the coordination of releases can get quite complex soon.

Agreed functional sets, test plans, roll-out sequences and fallback scenarios are crucial in order to ensure business continuity.

Catenate faced such challenges for global clients and complex organization repeatedly and bundled these experiences into a method for handling such complexities.

Security assessments

Ensuring that user and client data are not misused, is one of crucial challenges of the connected life and the possibilities that the Internet has brought.

Ensuring security is a very sensible topic and can be very expensive and brand damaging if it is not done correctly.

Catenate supports our clients in keeping the right level of security for their data, in performing penetration tests and in analyzing further structural and organizational weaknesses. Additionally, we will document the results properly.

Catenate uses standard, proven and robust technologies when building a new application, but we are always open for new approaches, if they can contribute to success.

NoSQL databases, Event driven architectures, Complex Event processing, or semantic web technologies are some of the newer approaches which we have successfully integrated in our projects and gained a lot of experiences with.

Delivery is our strength and the reason why we are chosen very often by our clients. We deliver in a pragmatic, quality-oriented and cost-effective way: Catenate is re-using proven and robust technologies and libraries.

We offer a near shore model with Bulgaria and Italy, in order to leverage cost savings.
Together with our clients we developed a collaboration model which allows agile and short interaction cycles onsite while developing offsite.

Through this Catenate is able to combine the best of on- and offsite development. Although we are curious on every new and promising technology, our delivery team is focusing on the following technologies

Java based client/server architectures

Catenate develops web-based business application with Ajax enabled frontend, tuned for responsiveness and easy user experiences. Our delivered solutions are handling thousands of users in a global context. As a logical enhancement, we develop rich clients with a higher degree of business logic on the client side, allowing more possibilities on data handling (sorting, drag'n'drop, interaction with other client-tools, etc.)

  • Mobile enabled solutions

    Our proven client/server framework was extended for the mobile usage. The challenge here is to ensure proper device handling, allow offline scenarios and handle limited bandwidth. We also know how to cope with the security demands when using applications in a business context. Catenate has been developing for mobiles since 2006 and we have built a stable, secure and robust framework to cope with these challenges. All our solutions are device independent, running especially on Blackberry, Android and iOS. Depending on the usage, our solutions are developed as native apps, web apps based on the HTML5 standards, or hybrids.

  • Portal and portlet development

    Portals are important platforms for enterprises to present data and functionality of heterogeneous application with a single point of access. Catenate has been developing portals and portlets since 2002. We have a long list of references on portlets (based on JSR 168, JSR 268, Websphere Portalfactory) and do know how to cope with integration challenges.

Standard product services

Catenate offers implementation services for the following product "standards"

  • SAP CA/BC module (Abap development, ALE and EDI configuration, Workflow development)
  • SAP BI (ETL routines, Design and Implementation of Info models) IBM Datapower (SOAP and REST services, JMS handling, XSLT implementation)
  • Tibco product suite (see Integration)

Feasibility studies and Proof of Concepts

The investment that is needed to deliver a solution can be quite significant. Catenate knows that having "a hunch" and confidence into the implementation design is very important. Because of our playground, which we use internally for evaluating new technologies and trends, we are able to implement proof of concepts, prototypes or feasibility studies fast and with a manageable effort.

The correct design and implementation are important milestones to escort an idea to a solution. But they will not be visible, if the solution does not run steadily.

Catenate is used to take over responsibility throughout the whole solution lifecycle, including deployment, operation and archiving. In detail, we offer the following services:

Packaging and Deployment Automation

Building the right package with the right components with the right test coverage for different environment can be complex. Our team has developed methods and tools to ensure a high degree of automation and the possibility to deploy in different environments, including the cloud. Moreover, we are introducing and monitoring the Continuous Integration Process.

Platform management

Making sure that the solution is working as expected is one of our key services. Thanks to our broad technical expertise, we are able to think as the business: the application should only be kept running independently if the issue is a platform, application, database or whatever else. Our team will identify alarms not only restricted to a technology, OS or application: We think vertically, from end to end! To do so, we are able to take over the system and application monitoring (based on Nagios or HP OpenView), track proper performance, conduct permanent capacity management (in order not to overload machines) and tune virtual machines. The platform management can be done onsite with clients assets or in our data center.

Operational readiness checks

Ensuring that a release candidate has the sufficient quality standards is an important step during the release process. The readiness check evaluates the status of an application considering functional and non-functional expectations and derives from that a GO/NO-GO recommendation. Catenate has an extensive pool of quality measure points and checklists, which makes a release readiness more transparent and comparable.

Service desk

In order to roll out a solution, it is very important to be available for our clients and end users. Catenate offers an appropriate and competent service desk, able to handle your request on a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level. Our service staff has direct access to the developers and architects and is therefore able to answer very demanding requests.


Catenate is able to host the solution and to offer a full-stack service. The hosting is done within our data center or collaborating with major cloud providers as Amazon, Rackspace and Go-Grid.

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